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Hot spring of Aso City

Kumamoto is the source total number ranking fifth place

The source in Kumamoto

Many hot springs are flowing constantly from the source

If relax relaxedly, after all is hot spring! In Aso, about half of source number of Kumamoto is in Aso what the leading hot spring resort in the prefecture.

And! It is dotted with 28% of sources in Aso! Various effects, spring qualities are different in place to reach. Do you not find favorite hot spring while enjoying downtown on foot leisurely?

Effect of hot spring

Sulfate spring Arteriosclerosis, cut, burn, chronic dermatopathia
Chloride spring Cut, burn, chronic dermatopathia, chronic woman's illness
Sulfurous spring Chronic dermatopathia, chronic woman's illness, cut
Carbon dioxide spring High blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, cut
Ferruginous spring Anemia, menstrual disorder
Hydrogen carbonate spring Cut, burn, chronic woman's illness

Reason in Aso with many hot springs

It is hot spring water in volcanic activity in Aso, but, as for the hot water springing out in Aso area, as for the ratio to account for magma material, groundwater which soaked small by the surface of the earth occupies most.

In Aso volcano, Kokonoe volcano and both influence niyote nearby spring out from the start.

Say that there are many all over Japan hot springs, but good place only for Aso

Gravity-feed irrigation hot spring where "town hot water" seven of UCHINOMAKI hot spring vary in the all source, spring quality.
In addition, in (we have the source each) that Japanese style hotel, hotel approximately 20 vary all in the source, most are "source constant flowing". Please fully sense outstanding source, different UCHINOMAKI hot spring = hot spring heaven of spring quality bodily in the whole country.
Rare a very small amount of "lithium" is included in hot spring of Aso in Japan!
Lithium has an effect of stress-relieving, and stress-relieving is increased by combination with magnificent natural environments of Aso. We enter hot spring of Aso, and mind and body are refreshing together!
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