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The facility situation after heavy rain disaster

The update date and time: September 2, 2013 11:00

Road relations

[road during regulation]
・Route 57 (Kumamoto - Oita interval) ※There is speed limit for some flying bridges
・There is green road (kokuzoshinsha - milk road) vehicle regulation
・Aso mountain climbing road (panoramic line) (only BOCHU line passes one side alternation)
・Route 212 (broad perspective peak - flower flatters the resurrection beauty) one side alternation traffic
・Prefectural road Route 11 (highway at the same level as mountain) one side alternation traffic
・Extension - water mouth Nishida line (closed for construction) of hakushoharatake

Means of transportation

◆JR Hohi Line (Kumamoto Station - Miyaji Station interval) normal driving
 JR Hohi Line

◆The Miyaji Station - Oita Station area
◆Kyushu crossing limited express normal driving
 It is this "Kyushu crossing limited express" in detail

◆Limited express "asoboi!" Normal service

◆Bus relations
 As Aso mountain climbing line, Aso commuter pass sightseeing bus, Kyushu crossing bus, echo usually travel, please see HP in detail.

Accommodations relations

[the UCHINOMAKI hot spring restoration situation]
・Aso Hakuunsan Cottage (during suspension of business)

[step to revival]
October 20, 2012
On torrential rain disaster that attacked Aso-shi on July 12, we have support and effort from every area and thank deeply. 100 days passed since hatsuwazawai, and North Kyushu heavy rain disaster victim Aso-shi combination memorial service was performed in Aso-shi to be certain by memorial service of sacrificed various places and step to revival.

November 18, 2012
Thanksgiving Day when Aso-shi Council of Social Welfare which became volunteer acceptance window invited which had you lend revival power as disaster volunteer was performed in Aso gymnasium of Uchinomaki, Aso-shi. Red beef steak and Noppe stews were served in venue, and approximately 1,000 people participated. In the city, a total of more than 14,000 volunteers had you cooperate from July 13 of the heavy rain next day to August 20.

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