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Education experience-based program

In Kumamoto, we offer various experience programs to be able to taste based on nine learning themes called "peace" "history" "environment, Eco" "modern industries" "life culture" "nature experience" "sports" "traditional culture" "art police" only here.

Kumamoto, Aso among magnificent nature. You mention the good old history and culture while looking at the seasonal natural beauty, and please bring up rich heart vigorously.

Flower flatters and, in "Aso information center in resurrection beauty site," tells about various information about sightseeing including advantageous accommodation plan from gourmet with a lot of tourist brochures of Aso.

In the case of sightseeing in Aso, please drop in casually.

Peaceful learning program

We download PDF
  • Let's learn importance of peace through history of "old army Tachiarai airport"
  • Let's talk about peace in war remains of Kumamoto

History learning program

We download PDF
  • Interchange with country designated historic spot "Iwahara old burial mound group" and Yamato Imperial Court chi Korea
  • With the prosperity of powerful family Aso and comeback
  • Of "Kumamoto-jo Castle" filled with disturbance and Eika 400 years show
  • "Revolt of Amakusa, Shimabara" that let the Edo Shogunate have kyoto
  • Let's learn technique of masons of Higo
  • "Southwestern Rebellion" and Kumamoto who shook the Meiji new government

Environment, eco-learning program

We download PDF
  • We think about environment of the earth in Nature of Aso
  • We think about global environment from lesson of Minamata disease
  • Do you not learn natural energy in outer rim of a volcanic crater of Aso?
  • We will observe recycling society in Nature of Aso
  • Let's learn approach of environmental capital Minamata
  • Do you not learn the history of grassy plain 1,000 years of Aso and grassy plain reproduction in the future?

Modern industries learning program

We download PDF
  • We will observe coal mine which supported modern industries of our country
  • We will observe port which contributed to the modernization of our country

Life culture learning program

We download PDF
  • We will challenge profound making soba with water and powder of Aso
  • Product will taste tofu in soybean which grew up on the earth of Aso

Natural on-site training program

We download PDF
  • Let's go to animal contact kingdom learning importance of life
  • Let's look for fossil 100 million years ago by own hand!
  • We will realize beating of the valid earth
  • With local expert, let's enjoy experience-based Aso in nature happily‼
  • Let's achieve dolphin and encounter of impression in the sea near the shore of Amakusa
  • Do you not do experience to live on large blessings of nature of Aso for?
  • Do you not actually stay in Amakusa with the history?
  • In island where dinosaur was, do you not experience fishery vacation rental?
  • Let's learn life and the history of the earth from fossil of dinosaur
  • We experience traditional fishery in Yatsushiro Sea, and let's go to uninhabited island
  • Do you not sense the best agriculture in Japan of Yatsushiro bodily?

Sports learning program

We download PDF
  • Let's ride a horse at grassy plain of magnificent Aso
  • Do you not enjoy nature on the earth of Aso?
  • Do you not enjoy nature on the earth of Aso?
  • Do you not enjoy river descent of force perfect score in the Kuma River?
  • Let's break a good sweat by sea depe Ron boat race of Amakusa
  • Do you not enjoy the sea of Amakusa while feeling the sea breeze?
  • You ski in the Kyushu's greatest skiing area, and do you not learn?

Traditional culture learning program

We download PDF
  • Do you not learn grilled dish in superior clay for chinaware?
  • We will mention mystery of noh dance to come from the ancient times
  • We will mention heart of ancient people
  • Do you not dance Ushibuka Haiya dance together?

Art police learning program

We download PDF
  • We will touch traditional building and modern building

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